Alane Suhr

Alane Suhr

/əˈleɪn ˈsuəɹ/
PhD Student in Field of Computer Science
Cornell University / Cornell Tech

Desk NW 3-7-03
2 West Loop Rd
New York, NY 10044

I am a second-year student in the Computer Science PhD program at Cornell University / Cornell Tech, based in New York City. I am advised by Yoav Artzi as part of the CLIC Lab. I study natural language processing. I'm specifically interested in understanding semantics and pragmatics, including grounding language in complex environments and conversations. I am a GTA for CS 5740 in Spring 2018.

I'm originally from Athens, Ohio. Before coming to Cornell, I received my BS from Ohio State University.

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Learning to Map Context-Dependent Sentences to Executable Formal Queries
Alane Suhr, Srinivasan Iyer, and Yoav Artiz. To appear in Proceedings of the Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2018.
Long paper.

A Corpus of Natural Language for Visual Reasoning
Alane Suhr, Mike Lewis, James Yeh, and Yoav Artzi. In Proceedings of the Conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2017.
Short paper; Best Resource Paper at ACL 2017.
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Visual Reasoning with Natural Language
Stephanie Zhou*, Alane Suhr*, and Yoav Artzi. In AAAI Fall Symposium on Natural Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration, 2017.
Extended abstract. *Authors contributed equally.