Alane Suhr

Alane Suhr

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PhD Candidate
Computer Science / Cornell Tech
Cornell University

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Cornell University. My advisor is Yoav Artzi and my research area is natural language processing. In 2016, I graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Linguistics. My name is pronounced /əˈleɪn ˈsuəɹ/.

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Bloomberg Center
2 W Loop Rd
New York, NY 10044

Research Overview

I study grounded natural language understanding, including vision and language, instruction following, semantic parsing, and language understanding in multi-turn interactions. I am interested in understanding how language meaning changes when grounded in various kinds of contexts, including situated environment context (e.g., an image or database) or interaction context. I design tasks and datasets which elicit language grounded in these contexts (e.g., CerealBar, NLVR) and design models and learning algorithms for language understanding.